Telkom to commercialise 20Mb/s and 40Mb/s VDSL lines on 6 March 2013

Telkom will start to commercialise its 20Mb/s and 40 Mb/s VDSL lines on 4 March 2013 which was on trial since last quarter of 2012. This will result in high speed internet connections meaning possibility of IPTV services, this will result in FTA channels being accessed online through your HDTV. With the launch of Nu Web TV and DSTV IPTV the freedom to choose what you want to watch will also soon be possible.

Mindset learning channel is FTA

This channel is a Free To Air channel streamed to schools around the country through Sentech bouquet on DSTV and can be accessed on DSTV public bouquet even when your DSTV is blocked, exactly the same as the Mindset Learn channel on DSTV and Top Learn channel on TOP TV.

GAU TV to launch soon

Gautv is running a promo channel on Intelsat 20, DSTV satellite platform. their website promises that: GTV is a community satellite television channel. The channel will be launched in September 2012.

FTA (Free-To-Air) Channels on DSTV decoder

Follow the instructions below and you will soon have the Public IS7 bouquet of DSTV decoder filled with channels. Bear in mind that most are christian channels, with at least 2 news channels - PRESS TV, F24 and 1 decent Botswana TV and soon to launch Gau TV. Cutting long story short here is the instructions below, it should apply for most DSTV decoders, with FTA decoder just run blindscan.

Nu Web IPTV promises over 150 channels and Video On Demand at launch

Uitenhage – website promises online HDTV with over 150 live tv channels, 7 day catch-up TV and Video on Demand. They are set to launch  late march 2013 according to their website, The service will be provided on a web based platform for mobile phone, tablet and PC and by purchasing a set-top box for DSL connection for your home viewing. According to Techcentral the 1.4Mbits adsl line will be required to stream this content.