Tanzania switched off its analog signal in the Dar es Salaam region to DVB-T2

It was reported back in January by Kenya's third largest newspaper - The Starthat the East African nation of Tanzania switched off its analog signal in the Dar es Salaam region. Details have since emerged from DVB Member Harris Broadcast in a recent press release that it is the supplier of video headend and transmitters to the Tanzanian Sahara Media Group, which has announced its intentions to develop a wide-ranging DVB-T2 digital television service across the country to provide the country's first free-to-air digital broadcasting services.

Press release: Top TV drops Top Movies 24 and Top Junior as of midnight of 17 April 2013

As TopTV continues to operate under the business rescue plan, announced in October 2012, it has become necessary to review the pay-TV operator’s current channel line-up and make certain adjustments in the interim period. The effect of this is that two of the TopTV channels, Top Movies +24 and Top Junior, will be discontinued with effect from midnight on Wednesday, 17 April 2013.

StarTimes proposes expression of interest to buy an equity share of On Digital Media, Top TV mother company in hope to rescue business

As set out on ODM website the business rescue plan proposes a buyout of equity stake of Top TV financier by StarTimes, a Chinese telecom company that has a strong foothold in African pay TV market.


Do it Yourself Free to Air satellite dish installation

In order to install a satellite dish to whatever satellite, you need this basic tools and knowledge, I have sourced one of my first website to do an installation myself but I must say patience is needed and a lot of it. here is the link. ENJOY

South Africa DTT roll out coverage on track - Sentech

80.43% of Sentech terrestrial analogue network have been upgraded to Digital Terrestrial Television, Sentech website.

Techcentral - Sentech expects to complete the project by March 2014 when it reaches 88% population coverage. The remaining 12% will receive SABC channels via direct-to-home satellite.

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